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Ribjet Yacht Tenders Shipping

Each new Ribjet ships directly from our factory in Wisconsin or through our ever growing dealer network. We take inspection photos, do a final checkout on the boat and place her in protective packaging with all her gear and paperwork included. We then carefully set her in a cradle on the bottom of the crate allowing us to secure the hull at 3 points directly to the crate for shipping. This insures when the crate is opened all contents inside are safe and sound and your new boat arrives in perfect condition regardless of its final destination.


Ribjet U.S.A. has a comprehensive limited warranty for all boats that we manufacture. Each customer is sent our product and warranty registration document prior to taking possession of the vessel to insure all parties involved are aware of our policies and procedures. Vessels do not leave the factory or dealers without a signed copy prior to delivery. To view our warranty program in detail please follow this link below to download a PDF copy.



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