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Custom Designed Gas and Diesel Jet Yacht Tenders for Discerning Buyers

Ribjet jet yacht tenders are manufactured and assembled at our facility in Naples, FL. Each boat is hand built to our clients exact specifications using the latest  technology to insure a consistent, lightweight and reliable product.  Our factory and rigging  center in Naples, FL is only minutes from several other renowned builders such as Palmer Johnson, Bay Ship, Burger Yachts, Marinette Marine, Cruisers and Marquis Yacht.  Southeast Florida has a rich heritage of boat building and we are working hard to continue that tradition in the years to come.


Our range of gas and diesel jet yacht tenders can be found on some of the finest midsized yachts in the world. Take a moment to look around our website and see why Ribjet is quickly becoming the go-to supplier for bespoke jet yacht tenders. 

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